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Saptak in Hindustani Classical Music

What is Saptak? Saptak stands for  “gamut” or ” series of seven notes”. It comprises of the set of swaras, Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni which makes up a musical scale in Indian classical music. [1] It is usually practiced against a drone.  What are the types of Saptak? Hindustani classical music is made up of three saptaks namely, Mandra Saptak, Madhya Saptak, and Taar Saptak. The middle scale is called Madhya Saptak.…

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Hindustani music courses

Gateway to Hindustani Classical

Hindustani 101 course comprises of the fundamental exercises that are needed to get you started with a lifetime of learning singing in the Hindustani classical music. It comes with the fundamental svara exercises that span all shuddha and komal svaras, simple and more complex paltas. These are the first exercises any student of Hindustani classical music would practice, and are necessary for taking any other course going forward. Just a glimpse of what you can…

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The magic of learning Ragas

A Raga is a melodic framework for improvisation in Hindustani Classical Music. Raga are one of the most central features to learn in Hindustani Classical . It is not only used in just Indian Classical Music, but also in Bollywood Music as well! Some great modern composers who use ragas to make their songs are Shankar Mahadevan and Ar Rahman! This video is from the introductory course on rāga yaman in Hindustani music. The course contains videos…

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Vocal health

Tools of the trade

Did you check out the tools tab on riyaz yet? We’ve got 3 very useful tools for you singers out there! Give them at try! You will have fun for sure! Here is a small overview of each of the tools! Smart Tanpura :- Our smart tanpura can be used for your day to day practice routine. The tanpura can be customized according to the different notes and different ragas as well. It is the…

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Hindustani music courses Singing courses

Start your journey in Hindustani Music

The beginner course is the best way to start out your journey if you just started learning to sing! We teach you singing from the absolute basics like swaras and basic singing patterns which are easy and fun to learn at the same time. After you have got a grasp of them , we introduce you to your favorite songs that you probably hear almost every occasion. Some of the songs that are included in…

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Features General

Invite your friends and win premium

Need more time to practice but ran out of feedback time? Well, here is an amazing opportunity to get unlimited feedback time! Invite your friends to get unlimited feedback time for 7 days for all content! #Protip for #3-day-challenge participants: Take this little boost to gain the upper-hand on the competition. The more you practice, the more you stand the chance of winning the challenge! What are you waiting for? Click the link above and…

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3 Day Challenge

We all need that little push sometimes — something to steer us in the direction of our goals. When it comes to practicing or learning music, there aren’t any shortcuts nor any proven easy ways to get started. Here is a chance to build and show the strength of your will power towards reaching your goal as a singer! Oh, you also get to win awesome prizes!! Try this simple challenge and win exciting prizes!…

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Sonu Nigam’s tip to beginners

“In order to keep upgrading oneself as a singer, voice exercise or Riyaz is something to never give up. Also, let your family and  friends be your first critiques. Let them give their opinion on your singing as well as give tips on your singing. Always be humble and learn a new thing everyday as there is no limit to learning and what you can achieve with it.” – Sonu Nigam

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Alankar and Palte: Spicing up the swaras

What is Alankar? In Hindustani Classical Music, Alankar or Alankara means ornaments or adornments. Alankara is also referred to as Palta at times. Alankar is integral to the core essence of Hindustani classical music. The earliest reference to the term Alankar can be been found in Bharata’s Natyashastra, which was written sometime between 200 BC and 200 AD. This treatise talks about the 33 types of Alankars. Other musical treatises like Sharangdev’s Sangeet Ratnakar in…

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Pt. Bhimsen Joshi on Sur

“Taal gaya toh baal gaya, lekin sur gaya toh sir gaya” – Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.  It means “Going off beat is like losing your hair, but going off pitch is like losing your head”. Sa is the foundation of the “sur” – your ability to sing notes correctly. You better get it right! 🙂 In fact, pandit ji himself practiced Sa everyday during his riyaz. Strengthen your Sur!

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