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Posts published in “Student stories”

Personal stories of Riyazers from around the world, sharing experiences during their journey into learning singing.

How Riyaz helped music students during lockdown

Watch to learn how the students of Sangeet Pravah World Music Academy benefitted from using Riyaz for their singing practice in the last few months. Did they improve? Were they able to continue their music education through a mobile app? All these questions are answered here. Hope this motivates you to give Riyaz a try. We wish you best of luck!

Singing to connect with nature and discover himself

“Music has no language, no words can possibly express my passion for it. It is an ocean, a mode to connect myself with nature and with my soul” Such is the depth of this 27 year old web developer’s passion for singing. Mr. Apurba Shah Gopal is from Narsingdi, a district in central Bangladesh. Being extremely passionate about music, he has invested his 15 youthful years into learning it relentlessly. Having faced several difficulties through his musical journey and successfully overcoming…

The singing aspirations of a small towner

This story of Mr. Somidh Roy, a resident of a small town called Nainpur in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh in Central India, is nothing short of inspiration for aspiring singers everywhere. Do you remember the last time you made a new year resolution? Oh yes, we were all there at least once, aren’t we! Making a resolution is the easy part, but following up on them time and again to see it bear fruit is the actual grind –…

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