Vidwan Palghat K V Narayanaswamy – Sangita Pitamaha of contemporary Carnatic music

  “A good-looking man, his hair slicked down in the traditional way, sang like an angel with a delightful voice, husky at times, but never heavy throated or loud” – exclaimed Lakshmi Viswanathan, the Vice President of Music Academy  Madras in her tribute

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The Science of Voice Culture

“Human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play” – Richard Strauss. What is voice culture? Voice culture primarily refers to the methodology adopted to train or control the voice to sing effectively. Many musicologists


Bangalore Nagarathnamma – The Songster Activist

“I was Nagarathna (precious jewel on the snake’s head) by birth, then became bhogarathna (jewel of pleasure) and now I am rogarathna (jewel of disease)” – this was how Bangalore Nagarathnamma jovially described herself during her last days. She may also be


Srimad Walajapet Venkataramana Bhagavatar

An illustrious and devoted disciple of a saint poet Thyagaraja, a prolific composer, a hatha yogi, – these should best describe Srimad Walajapet Venkataramana Bhagavatar.                                   


Key Improvements to Riyaz in the Current Release

Dear fellow singing aspirants and music connoisseurs! We just released a major update to Riyaz that brings in desired improvements to this already well-received application (thank you for that!!). This release also brings in few new aspects that will further help you


Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar: The Trailblazer

“I was greatly influenced by Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar. I do not want another life. But if there is one, I want to be able to sing like Ramanuja Iyengar” exclaimed the doyen of Carnatic Music, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar popularly