Music beyond boundaries: The story of Jon B. Higgins

“It was a grey chilly morning on December 7th, 1984. Jon Higgins rushed to my house carrying his cassette recorder and folders containing sheets of swara-notated music and his electronic shruti box. We sat together cross-legged on the rug preparing to begin


Importance of practising basic lessons in Carnatic music

This article introduces you to the fundamentals of Carnatic music. It also tells you the relevance and importance of practising the beginner lessons such as sarali varase/varisai as part of your everyday practice. An introduction to swaras Swara is the most fundamental concept


Five ways you can benefit from Vocal Monitor!

Today let’s talk about one of the recent additions in our Riyaz app, the Vocal Monitor. This feature is requested by many Riyazers like you. So how does it help you improve singing?  I’ll tell you a few usage scenarios and leave the


Purandara Dasa: The father we lest forget

I was introduced to Carnatic music tradition at the age of six. In the class, my Guru would write the lessons for all the students. The customary Shri, OM , Shri Saraswatiye Namaha and Dasacharana samarpitham were the first page salutations in


Welcome, fellow singing aspirants!

Hello, and a warm welcome to this community of singers and singing aspirants! Do you still remember the first time you pedalled a bicycle? Relive that thin moment before we finally sailed away relishing the hard learnt ability to balance ourselves on its two