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Kafi Thaat

This is a course of important alankars in Kafi Thaat. This course was recorded by very talented musicians of this generation Shri Sarfaraz Khan and Kum Hiranmayee Sharma. It would be highly beneficial to practice these alankars if you are practising a raag or song based on raag in Kafi Thaat. These alankars will not only help you to get your swara sthaanas right, but will also help you to develop the ability to improvise as you learn to sing the same notes in different combinations.

Course contents

Basic Alankars

Alankar 1

Alankar 2

Alankar 3

Alankar 4

Alankar 5

Alankar 6

Alankar 7

Alankar 8

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