Kalyan Thaat (Harmonium)

In Hindustani 101, you’ve learnt the fundamental patterns that are set in Bilawal thaat. This course brings these patterns with svaras from Kalyan thaat.These exercises will help you get the hang of svaras of Kalyan thaat and would ease learning of raags that fall under this thaat. These are highly recommended before taking any other course on raags of Kalyan thaat going forward.

Course contents

Basic svaras

Sa (Medium)

Sa (Slow)

Pa (Medium)

Pa (Slow)

SaSa’ (Medium)

SaSa’ (Slow)

SaPa (Medium)


Saptak (Slow)

Saptak (Medium)

Saptak (Fast)

Basic Palte (slow)

SaRe ReGa (Medium)

SaReGa ReGaMa (Medium)

SaReGaMa ReGaMaPa (Slow)

SaReGaMa ReGaMaPa (Medium)

Basic Palte (fast)

SaRe ReGa (Fast)

SaReGa- ReGaMa- (Fast)

SaReGa ReGaMa (Fast)

SaReGaMa ReGaMaPa (Fast)

Palte (slow)

SaReSaReGa- (Medium)

SaReSaReGa (Medium)

SaReGaSaReGaMa (Medium)

Palte (fast)

SaReSaReGa- (Fast)

SaReSaReGa (Fast)

SaReGaSaReGaMa (Fast)

Advance palte