Mastering Solfège (Part 2)

This course contains continues from Part 1 of the Mastering Solfège series. Sing exercises from A. Dannhäuser, Solfège des Solfèges, Book 1 (1891) and learn to sing in triple meter and dotted notes. Practice your skills with the melody challenges.

Course contents

Triple Meter

Dotted Half Notes

Half-notes and quarter notes

Intervals of thirds (A)

Intervals of thirds (B)

Melody in half and quarter notes

Two eighth notes to a beat

Practice Exercise

Melody Challenges

Melody Challenge 1

Melody Challenge 2

Melody Challenge 3

Melody Challenge 4

Melody Challenge 5

Melody Challenge 6

Practice Dotted Quarter Notes

Dotted Quarter Notes 1

Dotted Quarter Notes 2

Dotted Quarter Notes 3 (Quick tempo)