Panofka’s ABCs of Voice (Part 2)

Heinrich Panofka (1807-87) was a German voice teacher and violinist. He set up an Academy for Singing in 1842 in Paris. He published various books with lessons on singing technique over the course of his career. He believed that it was necessary to begin by singing on an open vowel sound such as “aa” before attempting to sing with solfège or lyrics. This course continues on from Part 1, taking you through 24 vocalises published in his book “The ABC of Voice”.

Course contents

Getting Started

Vocalise 1 (Andante)

Vocalise 2 (Andante)

Vocalise 3 (Allegretto)

Vocalise 4 (Andante)

Vocalise 5 (Allegretto)

Major Scales

Vocalise 6 (Moderato)

Vocalise 7 (Allegretto)

Vocalise 8 (Moderato)

Minor Scales

Vocalise 9 (Moderato)

Vocalise 10 (Andante)

Passing the Octave

Vocalise 11 (Moderato)


Vocalise 12 (Allegretto)

Portamento in Fifths

Vocalise 13 (Moderato)

Practice Set

Vocalise 14 (Adagio)

Vocalise 15 (Allegretto)

Vocalise 16 (Moderato)

Vocalise 17 (Moderato)

Vocalise 18 (Andantino)

Vocalise 19 (Allegretto)

Swelling and Dimnishing the Tones

Vocalise 20 (Adagio)

Vocalise 21 (Adagio)

Final Practice Set

Vocalise 22 (Adagio)

Vocalise 23 (Andante)

Vocalise 24 (Adagio)