Mastering solfège (Part1)

This course comprises of first 43 solfège exercises from A. Dannhäuser, Solfège des Solfèges, Book 1, published by G. Schirmer, Inc. in 1891. All the exercises are in the scale of C major and with a 4/4 time signature. You will be able to practice these exercises and get instantaneous feedback on how well you sing them.

Course contents

Learning intervals



Intervals of seconds

Intervals of thirds

Intervals of fourths

Intervals of fifths

Intervals of sixths

Intervals of sevenths

Intervals of octaves


Whole, half-notes with rests

Whole-notes and rests 1

Whole-notes and rests 2

Half-notes and rests 1

Half-notes and rests 2 (A)

Half-notes and rests 2 (B)

Half-notes and rests 3

Half-notes and rests 4

Half-notes and rests 5

Whole-notes and Half-notes 1

Whole-notes and Half-notes 2

Whole-notes and Half-notes 3

Whole-notes and Half-notes 4

Quater-notes and rests

Quarter-notes and rests 1

Quarter-notes and rests 2

Quarter-notes and rests 3

Quarter-notes and rests 4

Quarter-notes and rests 5

Quarter-notes and rests 6

Quarter-notes and rests 7

Quarter-notes and rests 8

Quarter-notes and rests 9

Quarter-notes and rests 10

Eighth-notes and combinations

Half-notes and quarter notes 1

Half-notes and quarter notes 2

Half-notes and quarter notes 3

Whole-notes, half-notes and quarter notes 1

Whole-notes, half-notes and quarter notes 2

Eight-notes 1

Eight-notes 2

Eight-notes 3

Half-notes and eight-notes

Quarter-notes and eight-notes

Half-notes, quarter-notes and eight-notes

Whole-note, half-notes, quarter-notes and eight-notes