Are you going to add more lessons?

Yes! We add new lessons to Riyaz very frequently. Whenever we do, we post an update on our facebook page. Join us there if you want to keep yourself up to date.

Does Riyaz function in offline mode?

To practise a lesson for the first time, Riyaz needs internet connectivity to download lessons necessary to load the lesson. But all the lessons that are practised at least once, are available for offline use.

I’m not learning classical music, can I still use Riyaz?

Of course! Anybody who want to get started with singing has to go through the list of lessons and exercises that Riyaz has irrespective of the music style that they are learning. So, it can only be good for you to use Riyaz no matter what style you are learning.

Why don’t I see my pitch when singing in Riyaz?

If you choose a wrong sruti/scale, then you will not be able to see your pitch when you practise. Riyaz will show an indicator on top or bottom of the practise screen highlighting that you are singing too low or too high. To fix this, you need to select a sruti that works well for you. Read this article to find out how.