Day wise course plans

Day wise course plans

Dear Riyazers

On new year’s eve, we announced that we were working on a new version of Riyaz to take your learning experience further ahead. After months of hard work, we’re now just days away from rolling out this major update of Riyaz to you. We’re very excited and we want to share a sneak peek of what’s coming! 🙂

In previous versions of Riyaz, courses did not come with guidelines/plan on how to practice the lessons and complete a course. These past versions were mainly aimed at learners who had some level of understanding of music and are capable to make a course plan by themselves on the go. In this upcoming release, each course offered on Riyaz, comes with a day wise course plan as suggested by the Gurus and optimised by instructional designers who specialise in learning outcomes.

Here is how the day wise plan looks for Raag Jaunpuri.

Each day’s plan will come with a set of learning objectives and lessons you will learn and practice to meet those objectives. The first day of Raag Jaunpuri looks like this. This day wise course plan takes care of warming up, revision and progress based on the advice of eminent Gurus and instructional designers.

In the new version, your Riyaz home screen will show the day wise plan of the chosen course as your main agenda. Note that you can also switch between multiple courses if you’re pursuing more than one. You can add a new course to that list as well.

We’ll be constantly improving these day wise plans, to further maximise your learning outcomes. In the near future, we will also incorporate the videos and the ear-training lessons in the day wise plans to make learning whole-some and even more complete.

Our team of music educators and developers are tirelessly working on making Riyaz the best music learning experience there will ever be! We are committed to that cause and welcome any inputs you have on making this possible 🙂


  1. Excellent work.
    Evaluation and reviews are most important .
    You havd made inroads .
    Keep in improving

    Just like honeybees hunts flowes
    music lovers will cling to this app.

    All the very best .

  2. Great to know about this new methodology upgrade on the Riyaz app. Hope I, as a complete beginner, at 65 years , I am able to learn the basic scales and simple ragas to begin with.

      1. Good job..Riyaaz team. Your efforts are extremely helpful to all the learners and music lovers. I have personally improved the quality of my voice by practicing your exercises. Thanks

    1. I am facing problems with the new version. I have been using the app for more than a month now. In the new version, the shruti changes automatically to the third octave even when I set it to G2 or B2. Please address this asap.

      1. A fix is released for this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  3. Hi, I am premium user of this App and not 100% satisfied with App. I always felt there’s a scope for improvement and fortnightly your team has come up with new features. Let’s hope it setifies every one.

    Voice culture is also very beneficial as I am using it my self. See if u can add voice culture features in near future updates.

    1. Boss what happened to your latest update. Which is suppose to release.

      I guess it is still in R&D.

  4. Sir ,
    This app is very useful for every beginers and every persons who learning northern indiian music sourthern music or western music 👍

  5. I am really happy and excited to have the systematic new version which will be helpful for the learner.

  6. Well downloaded since many days. Nw try this app. I’m sure; Gopala Krishna Koduri this will definitely make all generations, an Eazy-experience.
    Hats off to u. Good luck to bring something new in this app. This year. Hope to see u again with some more apps.

  7. Carnatic music part doesn’t seem to have such day wise plans?
    Also can something be done about teaching Talas in the Carnatic section?

  8. Please never ever announce anything if u r not ready with it Mr. Gopala. It’s seems like u have announced the update out of excitement.

  9. I don’t like the update to “day-based plans.” I want to go back to just meeting my daily goal by clicking whichever lessons I see fit. Is it possible for me to do that? If not I may have to find another app, and perhaps seek a refund. This is not the app I payed for in January. I have lost all of my in-app progress from before the update — I now have to unlock lessons which I unlocked originally many months ago. I am not sure if the app has any capacity to tell me how much time is left until I’ve met my daily goal anymore. And worst of all, the app thinks it knows what I want to practice, and just gives me what it thinks is best. I prefer to choose for myself what I want to work on.

  10. The new update sucks. I had the same problem as Dillon Walker. This is not the way you surprise the users suddenly. You need to give users option to try out in a limited manner the new updates before they decide to switch over and go back to the older version if they are not comfortable with the new one.

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