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How do you practice on Riyaz?

We recently rolled out Day-wise practice plans on Riyaz for all of the courses we offer.

Day-wise practice plans are the suggested way to practice towards completing a selected course. Each day’s plan comes with i) Revision of relevant past lessons, ii) Brush-up of necessary concepts required for that day’s objectives, iii) New lessons for the day.

As mentioned in our previous posts about day-wise practice plans, this is intended to address the user concerns of being completely lost on how and when they should progress from lesson to lesson in a course. Majority users had these concerns at one or other point in any course they enrolled into.

Let’s say you did not have such progress concerns. Should you still be following day-wise practice plans?

Yes – if you want to progress through a course in a structured, learning-outcome focussed manner as guided by the Gurus and the instructional designers.

No – if you just want to revise or do a select few lessons of your choice. So what do you do in this case? Riyaz still works as it did previously for you. You can browse all the courses available on Riyaz from “See All” of Courses section, and go right to the lessons you want to practice. See the screenshot below.

We are adding the following changes to the recent version to handle some of the issues that were reported by some of you.

  1. Add a revision section right on the home screen below the day wise plans, with all the lessons that you have practiced in the past few days, listed up there.
  2. Add an option to ‘skip’ a lesson from the day’s practice plan if you have to or prefer to.

Please do leave valuable feedback here so that we can act on it and make your Riyaz experience productive and fruitful!

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