How do you practice on Riyaz?

We recently rolled out Day-wise practice plans on Riyaz for all of the courses we offer.

Day-wise practice plans are the suggested way to practice towards completing a selected course. Each day’s plan comes with i) Revision of relevant past lessons, ii) Brush-up of necessary concepts required for that day’s objectives, iii) New lessons for the day.

As mentioned in our previous posts about day-wise practice plans, this is intended to address the user concerns of being completely lost on how and when they should progress from lesson to lesson in a course. Majority users had these concerns at one or other point in any course they enrolled into.

Let’s say you did not have such progress concerns. Should you still be following day-wise practice plans?

Yes – if you want to progress through a course in a structured, learning-outcome focussed manner as guided by the Gurus and the instructional designers.

No – if you just want to revise or do a select few lessons of your choice. So what do you do in this case? Riyaz still works as it did previously for you. You can browse all the courses available on Riyaz from “See All” of Courses section, and go right to the lessons you want to practice. See the screenshot below.

We are adding the following changes to the recent version to handle some of the issues that were reported by some of you.

  1. Add a revision section right on the home screen below the day wise plans, with all the lessons that you have practiced in the past few days, listed up there.
  2. Add an option to ‘skip’ a lesson from the day’s practice plan if you have to or prefer to.

Please do leave valuable feedback here so that we can act on it and make your Riyaz experience productive and fruitful!


    1. Do you mean that the actual tone/pitch the Guru has recorded it in, to be shown on the screen?

  1. There is a female guide voice which sounds like a little girl’s voice, which is very high pitched and irritating. It is also found in some of the songs such as Raghupati raghav & Gananayakaya.

    1. Hi Mr. Kumar,

      We released an update this morning fixing this issue. Please do comment here if you see this problem even after updating to this new version.

      Thank you!

  2. I have following comments and few requirements as follows – 1) I am unable to find Lower octave Swaras (Mand Saptak). Kindly let me know how to access it. 2) Earlier version had separate options for listening and practice and both the activities could be done unlimited number of times. Present version is not separating listening and practice and it has a restriction of over number of attempts. 3) In earlier version each swara could be practiced separately, now only Alankars are given and I can not practice individual Swara 4) Songs of various geners such as patriotic, etc. are not found in present version 4) It is better to have option to revert back to older version. Awaiting your reply, thanks.

    1. Hello Ms. Sudha,

      1. Please navigate to “See All” of Courses section, then to second course by name “Bilawal Thaat”. In this, scroll towards the end and you’ll find Kharaj ka Riyaz which has lessons for lower octave.

      2. Listening and practicing are still available on stopping a lesson. As we added rewind and loop facilities for every lesson, we have changed the new version to start a lesson in practice mode. We are making amends this week in the new version to make this easier for users who use listen mode exclusively.

      3. You can still practice lessons as per your choice as described in this article. You just need to go to that course like you used to earlier.

      4. All courses and songs of previous version are still available under “Courses”.

      I understand that the new changes might have disturbed the existing rhythm you’ve been accustomed to on the app. But in effect, we haven’t blocked/removed any features or courses of the older version. As explained in this article, we have added a more structured way to practice singing courses. In case you choose to practice the older way, you can still do and we will put our best efforts forward to support you in your progress.


  3. The user interface is not so clear and my XPs aren’t increasing like it used to before even though when I do the same amount of practice like before
    Can u pls fix it pls

    1. Hi

      We’ve released a fix to count your XPs in the day wise plans as well. They won’t be shown after every lesson, but they will be counted and will be available in your profile page.


  4. While the lesson plans and structuring of the course the new version is finte new layout is not intuitive. The old layout was much better with respect to other settings such as fixing the shruti etc

    1. Hi Gopal
      I have one suggestion that If speed of alankars can be adjusted manually it’s more better for the beginners.becouse at given speed is some what difficult for beginners to learn.So if speed can made user-friendly then it’s more better for the user.

  5. On which scale we are practising should he shown before starting. Explanation should be in brief related to the topic like shudh swaras or Komal swaras etc.

  6. Hi Gopal Krishna,
    This is my take on using this app for a week
    Good job and kudos to the team for getting in the app.
    a)The new layout and restructuring still requires more appeal and ease of use.
    b) I have found that many a time until we retry a particular lesson we get a different pitch selected automatically. Although the issue gets fixed when we retry the lesson.
    c) I wasn’t able to access the bollywood songs section to sing practice and get assessed on the same.

    1. Hi Kishan,

      Agree with (a), we’re working on it.

      We released a fix for (b), please update and let us know if that issue is resolved.

      (c) We did not do day-wise plans for Bollywood songs in the initial release. So you would be able to practice them by opening those lessons navigating to those courses, but not be able to access them as day wise plans. That said, we are adding them today.

      Thank you for writing to us 👍🏼

    1. Hi Sohno, thanks for sharing this request. We’ve sent this to our content team and they’ll be factoring this in for their near future work.

  7. Hi. First of all thank you for this amzing app. A few things i have noted.
    1 .There are a few discrepancies in the writing and singing of the note. Note written is ga wheras guide note is dha.
    2. Guide singing is not very helpfull in a few begginners lessons. As the note sung there is a little off.

    3. Can we please have a customize option for riyaaz. Sometimes i just want to do platas.

    Thanm you.

  8. In the Basic swar gyan, there is no way to go back to previous lessons. Once you finish it is over.

    1. We did an update with a fix to allow this, but that update is stuck on Google’s team as they are now shorthanded with Covid situation.

  9. Hello Gopala K K,
    Cannot find Revision and Skip what you mentioned above. Can you please add a screenshot to let me understand exactly where to find them?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Subha,

      The update with these fixes is stuck at Google’s team. They say they are shorthanded right now with Covid impacting their operations as well. Request your patience.

      Thank you.

  10. I recently subscribed to the app. However, I do not see the button for practicing the individual notes. It directly takes me to the practice of the sargam. How do I see the option to practice the individual notes? I am using IOS.

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