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Key Improvements to Riyaz in the Current Release

Dear fellow singing aspirants and music connoisseurs!

We just released a major update to Riyaz that brings in desired improvements to this already well-received application (thank you for that!!). This release also brings in few new aspects that will further help you in nurturing yourself to be a singer or a well educated connoisseur. Here is what changed and what’s new in this version.

1. You can now pause and resume while practising in Riyaz

There are many long practise lessons on Riyaz. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a short pause in the middle of such lessons – be it for responding to your nagging sibling, the milkman at the door, or just to get a sip of water! In this release, we bring pause functionality so that you can temporarily pause the screen during practise, and resume it when you’re good to go again!

2. Now do your Riyaz with Bluetooth headsets!

Many of you have reached out to us asking for this. A sincere thanks to everyone who took time to write to us requesting this. We express our gratitude by bringing this feature to you with no delay! You can now connect bluetooth headsets/headphones/speakers, and practise away with better ergonomics!

A note of caution here when you connect bluetooth speakers. Please make sure that they are placed at least a couple of meters away, and the audio output of speakers is not pointed to the mobile phone directly.

3. Articles for an all-round nurturing of the singer/connoisseur in you

Articles are new in this release! Practise material we bring in the form of ‘Courses’ is one, albeit the main facet of learning singing that helps you build the core skill. Another important facet of learning is to gain knowledge that complements your core singing skills. If you are a connoisseur with a singing hobby, these articles will turn out to be super fuel to keep your hobby alive and kicking!

Therefore, we are teaming up to bring to you a rich collection of articles written by expert singers and fellow riyazers. These articles will help you to gain knowledge and learn from the experiences of experts and fellow singers.

4. Cleaner and focussed navigation

We knew that the navigation in the older version is a bit overwhelming. There are just too many tabs and subtabs vying for your valuable attention. In this version, we simplified this by just focussing on what is important to you and your goals. Here is how your new home in Riyaz looks like.

This screen helps you quickly resume your practise from where you left the last time. It also suggests a few articles from Riyaz community blog, especially curated for you to nurture yourself into becoming a knowledgeable person in the music styles of your interest.

There are two tabs besides the main ‘You’ tab – Courses and Articles.

Courses tab has all the practise material for you that you will ever need to learn singing. We have brought the erstwhile ‘Exercises’ to this tab as well. They are still offered for free 🙂 This tab also has more advanced courses offered by several experts, at very affordable prices compared to what you would otherwise spend. We are bringing tons of such high quality courses in the near future. Stay tuned!

We moved all the settings to the little gear icon that sits on the top right. Go there to change i) the app settings like preferred style of music and shruti/scale, ii) your profile information like name and, iii) your preferences for receiving useful notifications.

All the remaining features are neatly tucked away in the sidebar without distracting you from achieving your core goals. These include Vocal monitor, Your practice summary and badges, Leadersboard and Challenges. It also has FAQs, a screen where you can suggest and vote for features you want to see in Riyaz and gives you an option to reach and write to us in more than one way!

In case you haven’t installed/updated Riyaz yet, do it right away!

Keep calm and #KaroRiyaz! Signing off, team riyaz at your service!!

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