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RIYAZWP25 – Avail 25% off on the quarterly subscription.

Contrary to what is deemed, learning to sing is not just easy but also is fun and engaging. RIYAZ as a platform offers just that user experience. Taking a subscription on RIYAZ allows a user to practice more than 10 minutes daily and offers all the product features to learn on the go. 

The premium version is loaded with features that are just necessary for anyone to become a singer.

The instantaneous live feedback feature makes the user learn correctly by eliminating mistakes. On the app, a user can interact, share and seek guidance from peers that makes it easier to learn singing in a singing environment that is conducive for learning to sing.

We are offering a special 25% off discount on our quarterly subscription plan. Use the promo code RIYAZWP25 and try out our 3-months subscription plan to test and see how RIYAZ helps in singing.

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