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We have a gift for you this new year!

… and we don’t want it to be a surprise! Not because we can’t keep quiet 😉

As creators of Riyaz, we see two distinct kinds of behaviours of Riyazers. A few of you are highly-informed people who know how to go about learning to sing. Riyaz has been serving you relentlessly in your pursuit and we are extremely happy for this!

But there are some of you who are just beginning their journey to learn singing. You find it very difficult to progress through the courses that are on Riyaz. You got back to us with questions like:

For all of such questions you have, we’re coming up with an all new way of learning singing – Journeys.

What are Journeys?

What you see here is a fully-guided way to learn and practice singing. A Journey comes with well-defined Steps (Voice I, Sound I etc..). These steps take you from one Milestone to another to advance your singing skills in the chosen music style.

Riyaz team – which comprises of music educators, learning and music technology experts – is building these Journeys to incorporate the best practices of music pedagogy and cognitive psychology. They are together charting out the processes that will help you learn singing more effectively and more importantly, making it enjoyable.

So far, Riyaz courses only had audio practice exercises. But starting with Journeys, we will also have listening exercises (to train your ear) and theory exercises (to make sure you know why and what you are practicing).

The reason we are announcing this a bit early is to make your inputs count. This is a gift we are working on, with your help, for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of Riyazers like you.

Our team can’t wait to hear you out. Please leave a comment here to know what you think!

Update (20 March 2020): We’ve updated the design shown above to simplify it further. More on this in another blog post soon.

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