Welcome, fellow singing aspirants!

Welcome, fellow singing aspirants!

Singing is no different. We need to be there for each other with the same love and support. Riyaz is a technological breakthrough that will facilitate an accessible and advanced way to learn and practise singing. To each and every aspiring singer. It gives us immense satisfaction seeing the influx of appreciation that riyazers are pouring in. They tell us in what ways Riyaz helps them in learning and practising singing. We will continue to make Riyaz better for you.

Today, we are happy to launch another initiative, called Riyaz community, that is complementary to Riyaz application in bringing even more support to you on your journey to be a singer! How does this benefit you?

  • As part of this community, you will acquire valuable knowledge that is crucial for a singer, from expert musicians, fellow riyazers and us.
  • You can make your opinion count in deciding the future plans for Riyaz.
  • We will make sure that for all beginning singers and riyazers, we answer every possible question so that they get started with singing with least possible trouble.

Come join us, as we script history in the world of singers!


    1. Hi Brahma Thejus,
      You can get to know of the scale/sruti in which a song is being sung by listening to Tanpura sound.

    2. Sir my wish is to be a famous Singer n famous Music Composer but how can I go with both simultaneously? How much time it will take to become both?

  1. Hello Gopala,

    On https://musicmuni.com/music-technologies/ it’s stated that:
    “The music analysis technology used in Riyaz combines our core audio analysis methods with sophisticated machine learning techniques that take advantage of the huge number of recordings that we are gathering from our Riyaz users.”

    I understand that this is essential, but am also concerned about the possible privacy risks (e.g. this data may be used to forge a voice recording of a user, or for identifying the user ). So I would like to know how you are protecting a user from such misuse.

    Thanks & Regards,

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