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Welcome, fellow singing aspirants!


Hello, and a warm welcome to this community of singers and singing aspirants!

Do you still remember the first time you pedalled a bicycle? Relive that thin moment before we finally sailed away relishing the hard learnt ability to balance ourselves on its two wheels. We all craved for that gentle, loving nudge. An elder sibling, or perhaps a close friend, or one of our parents/grandparents – somebody has been with us as we struggled to get ourselves up there and rein it into our control.

Singing is no different. We need to be there for each other with the same love and support. Riyaz is a technological breakthrough that will facilitate an accessible and advanced way to learn and practise singing. To each and every aspiring singer. It gives us immense satisfaction seeing the influx of appreciation that riyazers are pouring in. They tell us in what ways Riyaz helps them in learning and practising singing. We will continue to make Riyaz better for you.

Today, we are happy to launch another initiative, called Riyaz community, that is complementary to Riyaz application in bringing even more support to you on your journey to be a singer! How does this benefit you?

Come join us, as we script history in the world of singers!

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