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Where are 2 min warmup and 30 min practice?

In the beginning days of Riyaz, we launched the features of “2 min warmup” and “30 minutes practice” (or it could be 10/20 minute practice if you choose lesser durations) for Riyazers to quickly practice material from their ongoing courses.

In the previous versions, the lessons you saw for these two sections were automatically put together by an algorithm depending on what you practiced and how you scored on them in the past.

But we realised that there are two necessary improvements for these.

  1. They need a touch of Guru to bring nuance to the practice plans. This is especially important for the students to gain larger benefit of enhancing their recall of different fundamental concepts, strengthening their voice core and draw benefits of practicing before a Guru. All this, besides the usual progress with the course.
  2. They are two different islands. Ideally, in a day’s practice, the student should be given relevant warmup lessons + relevant revision material along with new lessons to practice.

So, we made sure that we addressed both these issues. The day wise practice plans for each course are nothing but next generation evolution of those two features, further building on the Gurus’ inputs on how to offer these benefits to students of Riyaz, and bringing in the relevance to warmup lessons and revision material on each day’s practice. What more? On top of this, the algorithm still makes sure it customises the plans for you based on your scoring history.

Make the best use of the newly launched day wise plans. Don’t worry that the old practice tools are gone as they were, you’re in much better hands with the day wise practice plans.

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