#ListenToSing – Featuring Bharat Ratna, Ustad Bismillah Khan

#ListenToSing – Featuring Bharat Ratna, Ustad Bismillah Khan

Bismillah Khan

Khansaheb’s name is inseparable from Shehnai instrument and Hindustani classical music. His efforts have resulted in deeply etching the instrument’s relevance to the classical music tradition. The city of Varanasi is blessed to have revelled in his mesmerising performances on the banks of river Ganges for decades. The country showed its gratitude to the legend conferring Bharat Ratna on him in 2001.

The first video shows him in a lighter mood speaking impromptu to a group of people gathered. The second one is an interview of him which takes us through his life and journey. Invaluable resources for a student of music!

Do watch and let us know your learnings and feelings in the comments below 🙂

Video 1

Video 2

Hope you are inspired to sing more now (: . Click the link below to sing on the Riyaz App.

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