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How to take care of your voice?

I remember the time when I went through major vocal problems during an important time of my life when I had to record back to back episodes of a T.V reality show. Let me share my experience and learning, on the basis of which I can give you some tips about taking care of your voice. It all started during a phone conversation with my best friend, I laughed my throat out; although now I don’t remember the joke she…

Welcome, fellow singing aspirants!

Hello, and a warm welcome to this community of singers and singing aspirants! Do you still remember the first time you pedalled a bicycle? Relive that thin moment before we finally sailed away relishing the hard learnt ability to balance ourselves on its two wheels. We all craved for that gentle, loving nudge. An elder sibling, or perhaps a close friend, or one of our parents/grandparents – somebody has been with us as we struggled to get ourselves up there and rein it into our…

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