Tribute to Pandit Jasraj

Tribute to Pandit Jasraj

Performance of Pandit Jasraj

Iconic Hindustani Classical Vocalist Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji passed away at the age of 90 in the USA.

Riyaz remembers Pandit Ji and passes deepest condolences and pays rich tributes to the legend for the invaluable  contribution to Hindustani Classical Music. May his teachings live with each one us in our journey as singers.

Today, Riyaz app also remembers his advice on the importance of Riyaz:

Everyone in the world of Hindustani Music knows Pandit Jasraj Ji’s exemplary singing attained purely through years of rigorous practice or RIYAZ. “There was and is no other way. It’s relatively easier for instrumentalists. Woh toh hathauda maar kar ya side se taar theek kar apna saaz tune kar lenge (They can hammer away or pluck a string to tune their instrument). But for a vocalist, the throat is the instrument. How do you tune that? I have to keep singing, keep polishing it, keep learning new things. I am in my 80s, it takes double the energy to make the raag speak to the audience,” – Pandit Jasraj Ji had once said famously.

Let us follow Pandit ji’s advice and put in more and more hours of Riyaz. We at Riyaz app are happy we can help singing aspirants with uninterrupted practice sessions.


  1. Miss you Pandit Jasraj ji, the famous Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Padma Vibhushan sangeet martand. ‘Aap ki charanon me sat sat Pranam.’ 🙏🙏🙏

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