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Introduction to Raag Durga

This is an introductory course on Raag Durga in Hindustani music. The course contains video explanations for important concepts in the raag followed by practice sessions for you to repeat, after the guru and internalize the concept. While singing you will receive instant visual feedback so you can correct immediately and improve your performance.

Concepts covered: Aroh, Avroh, Pakad, Chalan, Alap and 4 Bandishes in both sargam geet and lyrics.

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Lesson Structure 

  1. Introduction
  2. Practice of Aroh and Avroh (Ascent and Descent)
  3. Practice Of Pakad (Phases)
  4. Chalan Practice (Melodic Progression)
  5. Alap of the Raag (Musical Phrases)
  6. Alankar Example (Note Combinations)
  7. Bandish Practice with Examples (Compositions)
  • Gaavat Durga Ragini (Lakshangeet)
  • Jeevan Ke Mama
  • Mana Mohan Ja
  • Vijana Ban Mein

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to Raag Durga”

  1. There is some kind of bug in few lessons of raag durga. Actually the Guru voice/sur and the display sur are different, based on that it gets very confusing to sing along, because right approach is to follow the voice, but then riyaz feedback system displays poor everytime because of not following the displayed swaras. Just re check lessons of raag durga like pakad, chalan and you can see yourselves

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