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Introduction to Raag Yaman

This is an introductory course on rāga yaman in Hindustani music. The course contains videos that explain the basic melodic concepts and characteristic aspects of rāga yaman. Each video is followed by an appropriate audio lesson to internalize and practise the concept. While practising a student will receive instant feedback based on the performance. This course covers concepts such as āroh-avroh, nyās, vādi-samvādi, chalan of rāga yaman. A student will be able to practice sapāt lessons in different speeds, ālap and 4 bandishes taught both as sargam geets and with lyrics.

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Svaras and sequences

This module contains videos and audio exercises to practice the svaras and their sequence (āroh-avroh) in rāga Yaman.

Characteristics of rāga Yaman

This module teaches the melodic characteristics of rāga Yaman such as the prominent svaras and typical melodic progression. This module contains an audio exercise to practice an ālap (unmetered opening piece) in rāga Yaman. Through this exercise you can internalize the learned melodic concepts.


This module contains audio lesson of four bandish:

  1. Piya ki nazariya,
  2. Nirgun ke gun
  3. Ram sumira
  4. Eri ali piya bin

These are commonly sung bandish in Hindustani music. Each bandish is first taught as a sargam geet (notation) to establish the skeleton of the composition, and subsequently taught with with lyrics. All the compositions are based on Teental (one of the tāla in Hindustani music).

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