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Singing Lessons for Beginners: Hindustani Beginner Course

The beginner course is the best way to start out your journey if you just started learning to sing! We teach you singing from the absolute basics like swaras and basic singing patterns which are easy and fun to learn at the same time. After you have got a grasp of them , we introduce you to your favorite songs that you probably hear almost every occasion. Some of the songs that are included in the beginners course are Tum Hi Ho, Tu Jaane Na, Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma and Channa Mereya. Give it a go yourself! We promise that you will have fun.

The beginner’s course comprises of a total of 6 modules each having a total of 5 lessons. We introduce you to the concept of Swaras which are the basic building blocks of Hindustani Classical Music. There are a total of 7 swaras which are Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni. The first module deals with the first 3 swaras which are Sa, Re and Ga. The subsequent modules introduces a new swaras as you progress in the course. With each module we also have handpicked songs which use the same swaras we have taught you, this gives you a practical application for what you learn.

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