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What is a Raga?

Raga Yaman Improvisation

Raga Yaman Improvisation

Raga is a melodic framework for improvisation in Hindustani Classical Music. Raga are one of the most central features to learn in Hindustani Classical . It is not only used in just Indian Classical Music, but also in Bollywood Music as well! Some great modern composers who use ragas to make their songs are Shankar Mahadevan and Ar Rahman!

Our instructor Kaustav Ganguli teaches you how to improvise in a Raga yourself!

This video is from the introductory course on rāga yaman in Hindustani music. The course contains videos that explain the basic melodic concepts and characteristic aspects of rāga yaman. Each video is followed by an appropriate audio lesson to internalize and practice the concept. While practising a student will receive instant feedback based on the performance. This course covers concepts such as āroh-avroh, nyās, vādi-samvādi, chalan of rāga yaman. A student will be able to practice sapāt lessons in different speeds, ālap and 4 bandishes taught both as sargam geets and with lyrics

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