Indian Ragas: Introduction to Raag Jaunpuri

Indian Ragas: Introduction to Raag Jaunpuri

Jaunpuri is an Shadhav – Sampurna (consists of 6 notes in Aaroh and 7 notes in Aavroh)  raga from the Hindustani music tradition. It is one of the ragas of choice for songs which show Bhakti or Grandeur.

When is Raag Jaunpuri sung?

Raag Jaunpuri is usually sung in the morning from 9 am – 12 pm.

What is the nature of Raag Jaunpuri?

Raag Jaunpuri depicts the Karuna (Compassion) Rasa and Bhakti (Devotional) Rasa.

What is the Thaat of Raag Jaunpuri?

The Thaat of Raag Jaunpuri is Asavari.

What are the notes in Raag Jaunpuri?

The Arohana of the raga is Sa Re Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa’. (Here Dha and Ni are Komal)

The Avarohana of the raga is Sa’ Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (Dha,Ni and Ga is Komal).

What is the Vadi and Samvadi of Jaunpuri?

The Vadi is Dha and the Samvadi is Ga.

Our course on Raag Jaunpuri


Indian Ragas: Introduction to Raag Jaunpuri
One of our teachers for the course: Smt. Meghana Kulkarni

Smt. Meghana Kulkarni & Shri. Srinivas Hande

Concepts Covered and Lessons Structure

This singing course covers all the fundamental aspects of Raag Jaunpuri including Aroh, Avroh, Pakad, Chalan, Alaap, Lakshangeet, Sargamgeet and Chhota Khayal. Following is the lesson structure covering these concepts.

  1. Introduction
  2. Practice of Aroh and Avroh (Ascent and Descent)
  3. Practice Of Pakad (Phases)
  4. Chalan Practice (Melodic Progression)
  5. Alap of the Raag (Musical Phrases)
  6. Sargamgeet
  7. Lakshangeet
  8. Bandishes – Payal ki Jhankar & Bhanak Suni Aavanaki (Compositions)
  9. Paltas (Patterns) 

This singing course contains important vocal lessons in the raga for you to listen and repeat after the Guru. You can practice each lesson till you have internalised the concepts covered. While singing you will receive instant visual feedback so you can correct yourself immediately and improve.

This course is a must if you would like to sing a song in Raag Jaunpuri. You can learn Raag Jaunpuri as well as many other ragas like Durga, Bhimpalasi, Brindavani Sarang etc. Think of Riyaz as your very own mobile vocal coach. If you want to learn to sing at home, download the riyaz app now!


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