How can I improve my vocal range?

How can I improve my vocal range?

1. First, download the Riyaz app and check your current vocal range.

2. Warm up your voice daily with scales or alankars on the Riyaz app. 

3. Work with a vocal coach or singing teacher and/or Riyaz App to help you identify what notes you can and cannot reach. 

4. Sing songs that are within your current range to build up your strength and endurance. Riyaz App offers a wide range of songs to select from and practice.

5. Increase the range of your vocal exercises gradually, pushing yourself a little bit further each day. Find songs that help you explore high and low ranges on Riyaz App. 

6. Take regular breaks while singing to give your vocal cords and muscles time to rest. 

7. Drink plenty of water and avoid foods that are known to dry out your throat. 

8. Try to maintain proper posture while singing to ensure that your diaphragm works properly. 

9. Stretch your neck, chest, and jaw muscles to help relax your vocal cords. 

10. Experiment with different sounds and pitches to find the notes that work best for you.

After following these 10 tips for a few weeks, you will find yourself improving your vocal range. You can use the Riyaz app to track the progress.

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