How many people does it take to make a musician?

How many people does it take to make a musician?

I was mulling over the number of people, both professionals or experts, non experts or even family , friends and acquaintances….. that I’ve either worked with or have had help me across the last 18 years. I thought I’d start putting down all the PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE MUSIC JOURNEY and I added to it some people I personally have not yet worked with but I know my colleagues have. 

So here’s what I came up with…… and I realised WOWWWWW it takes a VILLAGE TO MAKE AN ARTIST 😁 and most definitely ONE SINGLE ARTIST can’t possibly know alllllll of it and that’s why we must wake up to the fact that we are a COMMUNITY (not just competition).

Music teacher for Hindustani/Carnatic or Western vocals 
Vocal technique coach (breath-work included) 
Piano/guitar (any instrument) teacher 
Songwriting partner 
Band members 
Dance teacher or choreographer 
Body movement and drama teacher 

Speech language pathologist (Vocal therapy expert) 
Ayurvedic doc/homeopathic doc/Naturopathic doc 
Pilates teacher 
Yoga teacher 
Alexander technique teacher 
Tai chi teacher 
Felderkrais teacher 
Gyrokenesis teacher 
Gym instructor 
Manual therapist 
Sports medicine doctor 
Massage/Physical therapist 
Food and lifestyle expert 
Sujok therapist 

Performance Venue owners 
Photography/Videography team or person 
Music director 
Vocal arranger 
Publicist or PRO 
Music business strategist 
Music and Media coach 
Record label/Manager 
Content design experts 
Digital Marketing person or team 
Crowdfunding expert 
Tour design and management team 
Performance and recording Equipment and gear provider 
Social media analytics person/team 
Radio show hosts 
Programming heads at channels 
Tv show hosts 
Content producing partner 
Mixing mastering sound engineer 
Music director Incharge 
Recording studio owners and engineers 
Music festival curators 
Event managers 
Wedding co ordinators 
School, college and educational institutions decision makers 
HR/Admin and marketing heads of corporates ( decision makers) 
Sound design experts 
Stage management experts 
Booking agent or agency 
Performing rights organisations 
Website designer 
Graphic/Digital content designers 
Voice over co ordinators 
Film and Tv liaison person or organisation 
Software/app developers 
Travel agents and performance visa 
Sponsorship experts 

Make up artist 
Hair stylist 
Fashion designer 
Jewellery designer 
Wardrobe management expert 
Branding expert 
Image consultant 

Financial/Legal advisers 
Career Coach/Life coach 
Spiritual guru 

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