How to find time for Singing with a day job?

How to find time for Singing with a day job?

Anurag Harsh, in one of the interviews was asked a question “When do you find time to practice”?

It was an attempt to find out how he makes his time. Because Anurag Harsh is a full-time tech mogul as the founding executive of Ziff Davis, a multi-billion dollar online and gaming company. The position he holds in the company certainly makes us believe that he is a very very busy man.

That question was not directed at his work life but about his other passion, singing. For the uninitiated few, Anurag is a prolific Hindustani classical singer who is a famous name in the USA and has had over a million views of his performance on Youtube and has over 70000 followers on Twitter.

Anurag replied, “I sing in the car. I drive to and from work. It takes around 40 minutes each way. I love cars. I have a nice car with an extraordinary music system and I put my tanpura on in there. Ever since iTabla Pro, the iPhone has replaced tabla players. In some ways it’s less intrusive because they just keep the theka and you keep it on in the car and it sounds pretty cool. If the traffic is worse, it’s actually even better. I chuckle when that happens because I say, “I’m going to get to do another 20 minutes today.”

So what does this teach us?

It teaches us that having a day job doesn’t necessarily stop anyone in pursuing a dream. It teaches us that practice is a must and doesn’t have any short cut to success. It also teaches that if we make use of available resources on hand (in this case, a car, phone and the app), we can make just enough time to pursue singing as a hobby, anywhere.

People like Anurag inspire us. Why not take a leaf out of their lives, get inspired and follow them as examples to become what we have set out to become…a successful singer, just like Anurag.

We are here to help you do so. Start singing NOW on the Riyaz App!

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