Sonu Nigam’s tip to Beginners

Sonu Nigam’s tip to Beginners

“There is actually no formula that can make anyone a top singer. Many singers who started to sing much late in life are doing good and making money. Therefore, I believe that for any field, be it music, film or fashion, the right time is when you decide on something and how passionate you are about it.Singing is something in which one needs to put a lot of soul and humility. Arrogance and judging people is what one should stay far away from”

– Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam’s tips to Indian Idol contestants

Many people aspire to be singers. However, becoming a great singer takes a lot of hard work! Just knowing how to sing will not cut it. It requires ambition and luck too. If you really believe that you can become a professional singer, then read on to learn from Sonu Nigam’s spot-on advice on this career.

Sonu, who has sung for many popular Bollywood movies and also released plenty of Indian Pop albums, which topped the charts, started singing at a very early age. But he strongly feels that whether you start at a very young or old age, or even a toddler, you need to have the will to learn singing and at the same time enjoy what you do. There is no age limit to start learn singing. It all depends on how much hard work you put in to developing your craft.

It doesn’t matter how good a singer you are at your current stage, voice training is compulsory. It is important to develop strength and quality of your voice.If you do not go through proper training, you stand at a risk of damaging your voice. For Sonu Nigam, In order to keep upgrading oneself as a singer, he suggests voice exercise or Riyaz is something to never give up. Also, let your family and friends be your first critiques. Let them give their opinion on your singing as well as give tips on your singing. Always be humble and learn a new thing everyday as there is no limit to learning and what you can achieve with it.



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