Tips to Sing Better: Avoid Common Mistakes

Tips to Sing Better: Avoid Common Mistakes

Do you feel uneasiness and stress when you practice singing?

If yes, chances are that you are making one of the following common mistakes among beginners. Address them today and let them not bother you!

#1 Practicing in a voice range that is not suited to you.

If this is the case, you will often find yourself struggling to sing all the notes from a single basic lesson from Riyaz.

How to fix: Riyaz calibrates your practice lessons to a vocal range that is suitable to you. You can use the vocal range tool in Riyaz to do so.

Vocal range as determined in by using Riyaz

#2 Shouting over the top of your head 🙂

Shouting will not help you in hitting the high notes – a common misconception among beginners. It will only strain your vocal cords.

How to fix: Calm down, take deep breathes before you proceed to practice. Listen to how the guru is singing. You should try to imitate their calm when singing.

#3 Tension with stiffness in neck and shoulder muscles

Another common mistake most beginners do is to unconsciously be in a tensed state when beginning to sing. It happens to most of us when we are not able to hit the svaras/notes in the beginning.

How to fix: You should let your shoulders loose and do some neck exercises as explained in the video below. They will help you relax. Highly recommend to do them before you begin practicing everyday.

Exercises to help relax your neck and shoulders before singing.

Now that you know the most common mistakes singers make, try not to repeat them the next time you sing!

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