Tips to Sing Better: Breathing the right way!

Tips to Sing Better: Breathing the right way!

You might be wondering – “Come on! I know how to breathe!!”. I don’t doubt you. You of course know how to breathe – to be alive! But do you know how to breathe – to sing effectively? Mostly not, if you are a beginner.

There are two fundamental aspects to breathing while singing:

1. Taking proper breath breaks during singing.

If you find yourself short of breath to complete to segment/line while singing, then you are not breaking the right way to breathe in enough air. Observe how the Guru is pausing in between while singing. Take the opportunities of natural line breaks in the song/lesson to breathe in.

2. Your lung capacity – volume of air it can hold at a time.

The lung capacity determines how much air it can hold at one go when you breathe in. However, that is only first half of the story. Using that air effectively to sing for a prolonged time is as important as your lung capacity itself.

Riyaz comes with a breath monitor to help you improve your lung capacity and your effectiveness in using the air to sing. Use it to improve your singing!

Breathe monitor in Riyaz

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