3 Day Challenge

We all need that little push sometimes — something to steer us in the direction of our goals. When it comes to practicing or learning music, there aren’t any shortcuts nor any proven easy ways to get started. Here is a chance to build and show the strength of your will power towards reaching your goal as a singer! Oh, you also get to win awesome prizes!! Try this simple challenge and win exciting prizes!…

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Carnatic music courses

Carnatic 101

Carnatic 101 singing course comprises of the fundamental exercises that are needed to get you started with a lifetime of learning singing in the Carnatic style. It consists of videos introducing you to the concepts of sruti, tanpura, svara and svarasthana, exercises to practise single svaras and sarali svaras of different complexities. All the exercises are in the scale structure of the raaga Mayamalavagowla. These are the first exercises any student of Carnatic music would…

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Music beyond boundaries: The story of Jon B. Higgins

“It was a grey chilly morning on December 7th, 1984. Jon Higgins rushed to my house carrying his cassette recorder and folders containing sheets of swara-notated music and his electronic shruti box. We sat together cross-legged on the rug preparing to begin our music lesson, but first turned to a discussion of our forthcoming trip to South Africa and to the political problems there that warranted some concern. Jon expressed his feelings as to why…

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Importance of practising basic lessons in Carnatic music

This article introduces you to the fundamentals of Carnatic music. It also tells you the relevance and importance of practising the beginner lessons such as sarali varase/varisai as part of your everyday practice. An introduction to swaras Swara is the most fundamental concept in Carnatic music. It plays a similar role to that of a ‘note’ in western music, but has a distinct character. There are seven swaras in Carnatic music: S for Shadja (sung as Sa),…

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