Singing Tips

Tip #3 Listen, listen and listen

Before you start practicing a new lesson, listen to it a number of times until it syncs in. Imagine yourself singing it and sing it in your mind before you actually do. Do this for a few times and see the wonders it does 🙂 Do you know that you can listen to all the lessons in Riyaz before you practice? Just click the listen button on the lesson practice screen!

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Singing Tips Vocal health

Tip #2 Avoid common mistakes

Do you feel uneasiness and stress when you practice singing? If yes, chances are that you are making one of the following common mistakes among beginners. Address them today and let them not bother you! #1 Practicing in a voice range that is not suited to you. If this is the case, you will often find yourself struggling to sing all the notes from a single basic lesson from Riyaz. How to fix: Riyaz calibrates…

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Features Singing Tips

Tip #1 Keep it simple and Make it a habit

Practice 10 minutes. But do it everyday. Don’t overdo on one day and ignore practicing for rest of the week. Learning to sing is like learning to ride a bike. Anybody can do it! And YOU can definitely do it! All it needs is to build the muscle memory, which naturally takes time. It is OK to practice for lesser duration each day, but it is very important to turn it into a regular habit…

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