Hindustani music courses

Introduction to Raag Durga

This is an introductory course on Raag Durga in Hindustani music. The course contains video explanations for important concepts in the raag followed by practice sessions for you to repeat, after the guru and internalize the concept. While singing you will receive instant visual feedback so you can correct immediately and improve your performance. Concepts covered: Aroh, Avroh, Pakad, Chalan, Alap and 4 Bandishes in both sargam geet and lyrics. Enrol now Lesson Structure¬† Introduction…

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Key Improvements to Riyaz in the Current Release

Dear fellow singing aspirants and music connoisseurs! We just released a major update to Riyaz that brings in desired improvements to this already well-received application (thank you for that!!). This release also brings in few new aspects that will further help you in nurturing yourself to be a singer or a well educated connoisseur. Here is what changed and what’s new in this version. 1. You can now pause and resume while practising in Riyaz…

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