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Riyaz updates delayed due to Covid19

Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.

Mark Zuckerberg

Hello Riyazers!

First things first. Hearty thanks to each of you from Team Riyaz for getting back with your invaluable feedback on the recent major update to Riyaz. You treated us like family and we’ll respond with nothing less ❤️

That above quote by Mark Zuckerberg, captures our spirits in Team Riyaz. Our team espouses that principle to constantly improve Riyaz factoring in all the feedback we get from you, and do it fast. As a side effect to the speed, there are some bumps along the ride, which are addressed by the team even faster.

This has been the situation under normal circumstances. But these times, like you very well know, are different. Covid19 has impacted everyone of us to some or the other degree. Our team has stood up resilient and continued serving the Riyazers worldwide, while working remotely. But even then, we cannot shield ourselves from the external factors. Google’s Playstore team reviews the updates before they are published. They are severely shorthanded during these times and it is now taking almost 14 days to push an update, which earlier took a couple of hours.

Updates held up due to this delay

Here are some of the updates already developed, and ready to release.

We are sure you would understand this reason for delay, and request you to continue sending your feedback. Thank you 🙏🏼

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