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    Introducing riyaz
    Learn to sing
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    Singing lessons & exercises
    Recorded and structured by experts
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    Instant, precise feedback
    Shows where you did wrong,
    tells you how to improve.

About Riyaz

Your 24x7 singing buddy!


Riyaz is tailored for you, from get-go! It is your personal guide to achieve perfection in singing!


No more long commutes, and no more compromised timings! We play by your rules - anytime, anywhere!


All you need is an android mobile. Get started right away by installing Riyaz, for free!


We know the early part of a music journey can be painful and boring, so we spice it up for you ;-)


We make offers you can't refuse

Singing lessons

Develop vocal muscle memory with exercises.

See what you sing

Learn to hit the right notes.

Instant feedback

Improve from your mistakes.


Challenge yourself everyday.

Track your progress

See how you improve over time.


Read What People Are Saying About Riyaz

“Music is my life and this aplication is more than important for music lover, thank u!”

- Patel Dhaval

“This app is a powerful tool for those who want to learn singing but can't able to do. I have been using it since a week and i feel change in voice and notes and results are clear to my friends as well. I practice for 20 minutes a day. The best part of this app is its free , its sounds like this team wants singers then money. Thank you Riyaz for improving my skills and for being free.”

- Ajay Meena

“hough I always love to sing, never knew how to figure my raags whether they are wrong or right. This is an amazing app for beginners and a full practice package which can be obtained nearly anywhere!”

- Lubaina Muzzaffer

“Thanks to the creators for this lovely and very useful app for riyaz. Will never miss my practice when traveling outstation, very very helpful for beginners!”

- Manish Doshi

“Thank you very much for the app. I wanted to learn music and this app helps me to practice by sitting in home. The app is very accurate.”

- Dhiraj Borah

“Very Helpful. Specially Pitch Correction. Excellent 👌”

- Dhruv Tailor

“This is a great app for those who want to be a good singer. My dream is to be a singer & I'm learning classical music for 2 yrs. This app helps me a lot. Thanks a lot for this great app.”

- Asif Ahmed


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Shows how you sing!

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Set volume levels to what you prefer

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