How do I develop my vocal range while singing Hindustani music?

How do I develop my vocal range while singing Hindustani music?

The vocal range is the difference between the lowest and highest pitch that a person can sing. The vocal range of an individual is affected by many factors, including age, gender, physical condition and vocal technique.

The vocal range is an important factor in Hindustani singing. The singer must be able to sing in a variety of styles, from low and soft to high and powerful. Singers must be able to sing both alaaps (improvised phrases) and taans (rapid melodic lines) in a variety of ranges. Vocal range is also important for creating the right atmosphere and emotion in a performance. A singer must be able to convey the raga (melodic framework) of a song in the appropriate range. The vocal range must also be used to create the right effects, like a crescendo, in a composition.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to develop vocal range while singing Hindustani music.

1. Learn and master your basic vocal techniques. This includes learning proper breathing techniques and understanding the principles of resonance. For basic lessons in Hindustani, please go to the That collections on the Riyaz app and start learning

2. Practice vocal exercises that help increase flexibility and range. These exercises include lip trill, tongue-rolling, and sirens. 

3. Increase your vocal range by gradually alternating between higher and lower pitches. 

4. Train your voice with Hindustani classical vocal music. Listen to recordings and learn the techniques used by Hindustani classical vocalists, such as raga, alaap, taan, and sargam. 

5. Practice slowly and carefully, focusing on proper intonation and developing the ability to sustain notes for long periods of time. 

6. Take regular breaks and hydrate your vocal cords with warm liquids. 

7. Record yourself and listen back to evaluate your progress.


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